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Updates and improvements to ecommerce pages

We have made ​​improvements to Pagini Shoes, Apparel & Pants, Caps & Backpacks and Salt. Improving the purchasing process, making it more clear, fast, and descriptions and photos are appropriate to the format of the blo. The shopping cart located on the top right hand side, has had updates, now to complete the purchase process just to make the chekout and follow the steps you presentaranno while to undo everything you just click on the delete key always placed at the top of your right


Certainly over time we will make better ones. It is also necessary that the measure also indicated that while the shoes you need the cm of the foot.


We will be happy if we will communicate any discomfort or inconvenience that risconterete in various stages of purchase, send us an email.


We thank all those who follow us and we will follow.


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