les miserables italian alternative rock band

les miserables italian alternative rock band indeed made ​​in Calabria!
The LES MISERABLES arise from the “ruins” of the MERCURY CHROME and officially the first release was in August 2009!
Active, especially with the summer sun, have already participated in several contests including the rock “Corazzo Rock Live”, the “I ° Reventino Rock”, the “Free Rock”, etc … “Last but not least” have collaborated with the independent label “RING tHE MEDITERRANEAN” for the production of their first and long awaited single “Shadow paranoid” available on all the best digital store and new video “nobile santita” and available in itunes store  and in google play.




boxfresh brand born in london 1989

boxfresh brand born in london 1989 available now in genovese store  and on-line store

Welcome to Boxfresh, a London way of life that spans the last two decades of youth culture.

Boxfresh aren’t taking a new direction for 2012, but rather an old direction with a new perspective. A brand with humble market stall beginnings and strong London roots, Boxfresh has been an original bastion of British Streetwear since 1989. A brand that inspired an entire generation of forward thinking style enthusiasts that had an eye on the influences coming from across the Atlantic, Boxfresh has matured along with the rest of us, and is back to claim its rightful status as a recognizable uniform for the devoted design aesthete and street-style athlete. Fabrics, fits, patterns and silhouettes illustrate the push forward aesthetically and creatively, vibrant colours lighten the mood and set the precedent for a return to form and function befitting of this iconic brand.

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