JNXD…soon in store..

In 2009 two siblings from Copenhagen Denmark decided to form a new brand. 
They felt that the fashion industry was too predictable and that there 
was too long between exciting upcoming brands.

Their vision was to create a brand that oozed innovation. 
A brand with an edgy look and unique twists.

J N X D is with its avantgarde approach to the ´street fashion´ market,
 targeted towards progressive individuals who always aim to be above average.
By http://www.jnxd.dk/
soon in store......http://eshop.genovesestore.com

… Came streetwear style …

in 2004, we introduce in Calabria and Lamezia Terme Sambiase metropolitan style called Streetwear brand new, events, performances, collaborations we can create a movement where there has never been gathering acclaim everywhere even outside our region.
To date, we are evolving style, introducing new brands and spreading the free spirit in the dressing with traditional rulers and hand-made pieces as well.


When the passion wins ….

Dear friends,
I have attached an article out of the top sports, unfortunately the road work in these 10years I have met two people in a street known company that have slowed the growth of the store. It is true that in Italy there is the desire to do, if anything, there are people who do not want to do anything, I would like to take a look at what I said. My only desire at this time and bring out the truth that all may know our world streetwear realtmente the facts.
They are of southern Italy but no-nothing can be considered, but the passion for this workleads me to reach out and win this battle.