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HUF-owner Keith Hufnagel grew up skateboarding in the streets of New York. Moving to San Francisco in 1992 to pursue his passion, he became a professional skateboarder, providing a rare and rewarding opportunity to travel the world through the skateboard industry. From his experience as a professional skateboarder, Keith has gained a unique view and the ability to merge its inspiration from the cultures that surround it. This perspective has become a vision, which was reflected in what has become HUF.
HUF was inaugurated in August 2002 as a small shop in an unusual block of Sutter Street in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. His goal: to bring together the most respected brands that streetwear, footwear and skateboarding had to offer under one roof. That roof, however, proved too small. HUF rapidly come to be recognized as a leading provider in the Bay Area of ​​hard-to-come-by goods. With its rapid growth and popularity, Hufnagel found the need to launch its own line, HUF, bringing together what he felt summed up the street and the community of skateboarding in a single label. What began as a solution to the frustration of finding what Hufnagel wanted to bring to San Francisco, soon became an independent producer of premium products. HUF now specialized in producing high quality clothing, shoes and skateboard, operating out of its headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.
Shaped by the culture in continuous and progressive evolution that is skateboarding, Keith Hufnagel has incorporated these qualities in the design and practices that make up HUF.Keith’s first love has always been and always will be skateboarding. He continues to return to its roots through the products and opportunities offered through the company, while retaining the respect and influence over the HUF has skateboards and streetwear community. Hufnagel is still very involved in the production and direction of HUF, and continues to travel the world on its edge with his team and friends, which helps to fuel and inspire his original vision.
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UpperPlayground..summer collection 2011

Founded in San Francisco, California, USA, in 1998, Upper Playground has become a leader in today’s progressive art movement with its innovative apparel line and gallery,FIFTY24SF.
Recognized for the fusion of fashion and contemporary art, Upper Playground producesapparel and accessories sold through their retail stores in San Francisco, Berkeley,Portland and London.
The brand uses both tradition and innovation in the creation of clothing through its partnership with new artists.
Collaborations are made in the field of graphics for clothing, gallery, exhibitions, films, prints.
Upper Playground has created several sub-lines with various artists, and currently manufactures the brand of super Fishal Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores 12 Grain, and a line in Los Angeles with photographer, Estevan Oriol.

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