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New season store after a period of study are beginning a new concept store with the coming , with many new features and some confirmation ….. you curious to know what are they? wait a few more days ….. follow us on facebook, twitter or become a follower of our site

The bike tailoring

The latest trend is to build himself a bike to measure, at this moment is the latest trend in the way. Last bike has become an expression of style, vintage more expensive as a pair of English shoes. The sortoria cycles has made ​​of very interesting models as “The Wardrobe”, “forzazzurri”, or “The finaziera” vintage model with saddle and Broks 2 coins of 50 cents on the sides of the handlebars.
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in photo model d’annata



Carhartt vs. Genovese, the reasons for the separation of commercial

Dear friends after some years finally the true story of carhartt and the real reasons that led to the separation.We start giving a brief description of the protagonists of the story:

 slamjam-Italian distributor (will never be mentioned and you’ll understand why reading)

 Julius Ganzaroli (Accounting until about 2006)

 Cesare Fragnielli (resp agents and agent for calabria until 2005)

 Cesar Nava (Sub Agent from 2004 to 2005 and from September 2005 Agent calabria)

 other shops sprang up in 2004-06

 The period is 2005-2006, and documented facts presented in the proceedings, provided that the development of some aspect of the same cause slamjam was never informed before, during and after by those directly involved.First things first, our shop has a tradition that dates back over 150 years, is based on professionalism, training and research of innovative products. In 1999 it changed from the traditional through to street, the first case in all Calabria, I adopt innovative marketing strategies, ebay ecommerce-web-mailing-list-etc, guerilla marketing and viral marketing. In 2-year study of Italian and European market of individual brand popular in Europe but not in Italy, Calabria, and anticipating better times I contact to distribute them in my shop. In 2001 we begin the relationship with their agent and slamjam fragnielli Caesar, Continua a leggere Carhartt vs. Genovese, the reasons for the separation of commercial

Updates and improvements to ecommerce pages

We have made ​​improvements to Pagini Shoes, Apparel & Pants, Caps & Backpacks and Salt. Improving the purchasing process, making it more clear, fast, and descriptions and photos are appropriate to the format of the blo. The shopping cart located on the top right hand side, has had updates, now to complete the purchase process just to make the chekout and follow the steps you presentaranno while to undo everything you just click on the delete key always placed at the top of your right


Certainly over time we will make better ones. It is also necessary that the measure also indicated that while the shoes you need the cm of the foot.


We will be happy if we will communicate any discomfort or inconvenience that risconterete in various stages of purchase, send us an email.


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Do it YourSelf

Jackets discounts of 50%

Following the internal reorganization we are making an offer while supplies 50% of the city and jackets suitable for snowboarding.
The quality is excellent as well as the resistance, the city is moltiuso jackets in technical fabric but also ideal for those who go to work.
The jackets are excellent snow have different resistances to water and very competitiveprices.
You can buy from the store or send us an email at your service for any info.

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