Lo sapevate che sulla neve c’è una luce “buona”, formata da alcuni colori a cui l’occhio è molto sensibile e che permette di vedere i particolari, e una luce “cattiva” che, al contrario, riduce i contrasti provocando l’effetto “luce piatta”? Le lenti Prizm controllano la luce che arriva all’occhio e regolano con estrema precisione i colori, enfatizzando i “buoni” ed escludendo i “cattivi”. Il risultato è un’eccezionale percezione dei dettagli e una visione straordinariamente nitida.

Prizm è un’altra tecnologia game-changer uscita dai laboratori Oakley, frutto di 15 anni di lavoro e sperimentazione sul campo con i grandi campioni dell’Oakley team. La differenza rispetto al passato? Ce la spiegaLinsday Vonn, quattro volte vincitrice della coppa del mondo sci alpino per la squadra americana. “Ho un’arma segreta, le Prizm. Con queste nuove lenti riesco a vedere le buche, le gobbe e i piccoli dettagli nella neve che normalmente non sarei in grado di distinguere”. La tecnologia Prizm™ garantisce un’eccellente visione nell’arco di tutta la giornata, riducendo la necessità di sostituire le lenti con il cambiare delle condizioni di luce.

Oakley propone le Prizm™ in tre versioni nella collezione di maschere da neve per quest’inverno: Black Iridium in condizioni di luminosità intensa, Jade Iridium con sole e nuvole e Rose in caso di neve e cielo coperto.

broke clothing   is a available now in GenoveseStore since 1830

Broke clothing is a streetwear made in italy  with the target to be the first to bring the American streetwear in Italy. It’s an ambitious project which took shape quickly.  enters the streets to spread its brand. The kids immediately get in touch with the new style characterized by baggier fits and quality of the materials.The introduction of the brand turned quickly on a new phenomenon around which a new culture along with extreme sports and alternative music both hip-hop and punk-rock takes place.  Although the products now reflect the modern so much desidered “FASHION” way of  life  the company remains loyal to its roots positively promoting fashion new movements and fusions. Several celebrities approached the company and the product as well because they found in this Brand something which influenced their behaviour.

developed great relationships with well-known athletes as: Materazzi, Italian entertainers as Pina Diego And dj Albertino of  Radio Dee Jay and many others of the music world as J-Ax, Frankie Hi Energy, Club Dogo and many others.
The strength of the company relies on the “Made in Italy” principle, an important feature which expresses not only the label but also a philosophy of life as a whole. All in all coming from the necessity to transfer to the product high quality standards and a distinguishing character in the known markets.
​is dependent on the creativity, passion and ruggedness of the street.  . Athletes wear our clothing because of its quality, durability and the edge it gives their image. The mature consumer buys Broke because of the quality, attention to detail and the simple comfort of the clothing.

available soon in GenoveseStore



New season store after a period of study are beginning a new concept store with the coming , with many new features and some confirmation ….. you curious to know what are they? wait a few more days ….. follow us on facebook, twitter or become a follower of our site

customize your sneakers is a new active service of the store Genovese, for all those who have a new or used sneakers would like to customize the store we finally realize your desire, bringing your own sketch, we evaluate it together, and within 48 hours you a shoe unique and personal. Handmade in calabria.
In this way we want to unleash the creativity of customers at a time of lack of ideas ….

Model in photo: tretorn t65 mid – color white – size 45
For more info contact us by email or in store …..

Editorial riders appeared on the month of February, a trip made in america. There is also talkof Redwing shoes …..

This boot is a old-new style, a historyc moctoe…….

available now in store…..for info contact me or send email..