on-line store, now

on-line store after many years we have been able to integrate into the website page of the store where you can purchase our products and our offers. We will try to improve our service to you and ask users to report any anomalies nel’acquistare online. We are proud of what has been achieved since it is the result of a passion for teconologia and for this research work, despite the difficulties’ that runs through Italy we invest in this sector. We hope that over time we can become a point of reference in this field.

Thanks to all of you who follow us

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genovese store coming soon

genovese store coming soon out in november 2012



the 2nd talk redwingshoes

the 2nd talk redwing shoes la rivista di moda giapponese the2nd ha realizzato un intero numero parlando del fenomeno redwing shoes,

siamo felici di potere far parte di questa famiglia che ha una importanza mondiale.

La collezione estiva sarà disponibile presto in store.


red wing shoes gq

 red wing shoes gq di maggio in edicola, sfogliando le pagine ho trovato nel servizio dedicato alla moda, un modello indossava le redwingshoes moc toe oro-iginal o irish-setter. La mia reazione? felice perchè finalmente una rivista italiana teneva in considerazione questo brand antico,tradizionale, artigianale e moderno, lo potete acqusitare in store e anche on line….





Working in Progress….for you…

Dear friends
We are working on a new blog more dynamic and efficient, better able to respond to your needs, new trends of the metropolis, new styles, looking for a new tradition that continues.
We apologize if the items are reduced during this period … but if we are improving services …..

Historians never set boot …

Dear friends I want to talk today of an accessory than a century allows us to better face everyday in the streets of cities around the world …… the boot.
Landed in Italy in 1917 and 44 with the first soldiers were then cleared by actors
the most important films of the century, from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Milos Forman and Jack Nicholson worn by the ITIC 877 to 10 holes in gold-iginal steve mcqueenwhen turned with his everlasting triumph.
But the Redwing boot products are still produced in 1905 as invented by Charles Beckham inRedwing Minnesota. Are still comfortable and unique style. Also, if you are told that “your girlfriend tells you that seem frankenstein boots, do not take her to kick. Let “….