style or not style?

style or not style?….You can learn masculine elegance ? Probably not : it is above all an innate gift . However, unlike the women , the men’s clothing is much less influenced by fashion and has been codified : not rules but feeree ways of interpreting certain clothes or situation according to accepted practices .
Icons in this style are Gianni Agnelli, Beau Brummel , Andrew , Duke of Aosta , Raul Gardini, napoletan sartorialist, english style and many other characters over the years, very important
Over time we have developed many derivations of style with various derivations very street, old materials together with those of last teconologia , such as Japan
Japan began to emulate Western fashion during the middle of the nineteenth century. By the beginning of the twenty-first century was altered into what is known today as ‘ street fashion ‘ . The term ‘ street fashion ‘ is used to describe a particular trend of fashion where the wearer customizes outfits them by adopting a mixture of current and traditional trends . Such clothes are generally home-made with the use of material purchased at stores . Japanese street fashion includes simultaneous movements of fashion very different at any given time . For example, the Harajuku Girls have a street fashion : Japanese Anime is their way of dressing and serves them to show their personality and their love for Japanimation and Manga .
Street fashion is an English term used to describe fashion that is inspired by and appropriates trends arising from clothing street . It is a personal fashion , which expresses their personality so trendy and cool . Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture and is most often seen in major urban centers . Most major youth subcultures have been characterized by a particular style of clothing.
Unfortunately, today we have lost the elegance or style in favor of a seemingly too good especially if luxury convinced that having a well may be a hallmark , and I quote this example : (source fb Valeria Folino )

“Passeggiata domenicale rilassante con un amico. Incontriamo un suo conoscente. Presentazioni. Mentre stringo la mano, non posso non notare un pataccone di Rolex orribile quasi quanto la sua pochette… Ma, del resto, oggi con miei occhiali fluo e’ meglio che mi stia zitta! Non ricordo neanche il suo nome ma, dopo dieci minuti, spara, evidentemente, la sua ‘carta vincente’: per i suoi trent’anni andrà qualche giorno col fratello a New York a luglio… New York e’ meravigliosa – esordisce – e prosegue descrivendo il bellissimo hotel di design dove alloggerà: perché io amo l’arte moderna… – incalza lui. Ah!…si accende una lucina nel mio cervello o, più che altro, una piccola bajiuor…in mezzo al buio di venti minuti di noiosissima conversazione, forse qualcosa si può salvare: andrai al MoMa, ovviamente? – ribatto io. Dunque…no, un attimo…la sua risposta merita di essere degnamente virgolettata : “mmmmhh… A NY ci sono tanti bei ristoranti italiani di livello, non voglio ingurgitare schifezze…”. E, dopo aver ‘ingurgitato’ io questa ‘ schifezza’ …sorrido, stringo la mano, lancio un ‘ ultima occhiata alla sua pochette e penso che i miei occhiali fluo …non sono poi così male… Se servono per nascondere eventuali “espressioni” del viso.”

Hoping that in the future we can develop a customized culture of the style which recommences its Italian traditions especially those that are very popular all over the world

Planet Funk – The Italian Band

Planet Funk – The Italian Band
Today we would like to tell you about a band Planet Funk Italian anything in our store is very popular as well as heard from the distant 2001.The Planet Funk is an Italian musical group in business since 1999. Cooperated with international artists such as Simple Minds , Dan Black , Cecilia Chailly and national as Elisa , Giuliano Sangiorgi , Jovanotti, Pier Cortese , and Raiz . The group was formed by the merger of the old formation of Souled Out ( Alexander Sommella , Domenico ” GG ” Canu , and Sergio Della Monica) , known in the early nineties to the international success of the album of the same name , recorded at the London studios of Sony, and the single Shine on , before publication of the history of international record label Sony in Italy , and the Kama Sutra , or Marco Baroni and Alex Blacks . Planet Funk was the title of a song made ​​by the same Blacks . The Souled Out had produced several tracks abroad , with excellent commercial results . One of them was titled Stuck on love and it was sung by Dee Lewis. The song was one of the biggest radio hits and dance floor, in the 80s. In 2002 , with the album not Sumness Zero , which contains the individual Who Said , Chase The Sun , Inside All The People , The Switch , Paraffin, the group has achieved success , crowned by the Italian Music Awards and the allocation of the gold record for sales of the album, also produced in the sumness not zero plus one , which contains a piece ( one Step Closer ) developed in collaboration with Simple Minds , but more than anything else is a vocal version of the first track of the album, Where Is the Max team of Planet Funk was summoned by other international bands to remix some songs from their repertoire. The album The illogical Consequence was preceded in 2005 by the Single Stop me, the soundtrack of the television commercial for Coca Cola . In autumn 2006 they released their third album, Static, where the eponymous single became one of the soundtrack of the video game FIFA 08 . The most successful song of the band is probably the single Who Said where singing is Dan Black , leader of The Servant . In early 2009 the group released the new single , titled Lemonade , which sees a return to the sound mix of electronic and rock that gave success and fame to the group. On 5 June 2009 they released their new single Thanks in collaboration with Pier Cortese . Their recording studio is located in Naples’s Posillipo district . After years of abstinence from the recording studios in 2011 affect the new single Another Sunrise sees the debut of new singer Alex Uhlmann and which is also the soundtrack of the new commercial for the Hyundai i20 Sound Edition . Another Sunrise is the first single from the new album The Great Shake released September 20, 2011 , with the participation of artists such as Usher and Giuliano Sangiorgi , leader of Negroamaro . The Planet Funk while performing ” Another Sunrise ” In 2011, the group participates in Hyundai Music Awards with the single Another Sunrise . In the same year taking part in the MTV Days 2011 in Turin. Also in 2011, recorded a cover of the song by Nancy Sinatra These Boots Are Made for Walkin ‘ for the film Kryptonite Ivan Cotroneo . The director himself has directed and also wrote the official videoclip of the song where some actors appear in the film such as Luca Zingaretti , Valeria Golino , Cristiana Capotondi and Libero De Rienzo, over the same Planet Funk . The song became in 2012 the soundtrack of the European Football Championship 2012.