kjøre project

kjøre Project, Over fifty years has passed since our founding and our commitment to producing only the highest grade footwear, now a little group of this designers team and craftspeople as well as skilled laborers has founded kjøre project , creating a new line of accessories, characterized with the Nordic style, using only rough and strongest leather, but incredibly soft.
As a Scandinavian brand of a Norwegian name with of supreme Italian raw materials, this continental element is one that touches every aspect of the company with purpose. With a narrow focus, constant learning, agile processes and creative thinking, we can continually improve the solutions and insights we share.
At kjøre project , we strive to create modern products that respect the past. All the styles in the Heritage collection are designed and built just as they were fifty, sixty and even over eighty years ago and are all made using premium leather, totally handcrafted to the specifications which made each style timeless when they were first introduced. In the end, all of these elements combine beautifully to evoke a charming elegance that is distinctly kjøre project ‘s own. Our tanning process was first developed in ancient times, the best of these stiff, are set aside for our use and each batch and color reacts differently.
This is a slow process dependent on the skill and artistry of passionate and committed tanners. It is the careful attention of dedicated tanners and their refusal to compromise on materials and the time necessary to achieve the desired result that differentiates our tanned leather from all other leathers.
Instead of peeling and cracking our leather develops its own patina, changing gradually in appearance and taking on the character of its user over time.
The scars, scratches, veins and wrinkles that give each piece in our collection its unique character have not been sanded down or buffed. We specifically chose not to cover minor imperfections with paint sealers or artificial finishes, using only clear dyes in a range of colors that enhance rather than conceal the beautiful character of our leather. We take careful note of how our materials look after 12, and 24 months of heavy use. Even now when people think that machines and technology can only make products, genuine leather still can only be worked by hand.
This is why genuine leather products made by highly skilled craftsmen are enjoyable to look at and provide a great deal of warmth.
People never get tired of possessing these fine items; our team of designers and craftspeople produced each kjøre project piece by hand, utilizing the same style of tools that have been used to create leather goods for years.
We blend classic techniques with modern mechanics to achieve the best possible treatment within each step of production, we embarked on a quest for perfection – perfection in design and perfection in craftsmanship.

onitsuka tiger mod. COLORADO 85

onitsuka tiger mod. COLORADO 85 by Onitska Tiger was designed with plushfort and style in mind. The upper features a fitting premium suede, mesh, and leather build for a fresh look and durability. This kick features the original silhouette from the 80’s, giving the Colorado Eighty-Five a great old-school look. Other features include fabric lining with a removable Sockliner, flex canals at the forefoot forfort and flexibility, and a rubber outsole.

Nitro snowboard

Nitrosnowboard has been committed to snowboarding for the last 22 years. Snowboarding is our focus, it’s all we do. Nitro snowboards was born in 1990 in Seattle, Washington when two snowboarders wanted to make quality gear because there weren’t a lot of good choices out there. Snowboarding was their passion and focus and it still is today. We remain true to snowboarding, and we thank you all for the support so we can continue to do so. Our goal has always been to progress the sport with products that are innovative in technology, design, and materials, always pushing the limits. We have a history of bringing innovations to the snowboard market including the first asymmetrical twin-tip, first women’s pro model, progressive sidecuts, and the first three-piece adjustable freestyle binding to name just a few. All of our products start with U.S. Designs at our design office in Seattle. Our dedicated design and development team has been with the company from day one – not a lot of snowboard companies can say that! Then european engineering and craftsmanship takes it to the next level. Our products are manufactured worldwide and all our products are throughly tested by our team around the world. Nitro snowboards is distributed internationally by an equally dedicated crew.

Boards Nitro is committed to building the best riding boards on the market. This year we offer boards of all widths in all categories, to give you more options to choose from and you get the right board. New boards in the line include the Pantera, which promises to be one of the smoothest riding technical boards out there, the new T2 rail board with revolutionary beveled base to help prevent edge damage, and a women’s twin board, the Nyx, has been built for the progression of women’s freestyle. Continua a leggere Nitro snowboard

bflak tshirt ss2014

bflak The brand

bflak The brand was born in 2012 , the brainchild of three young designers Milanesi always been interested in the universe of fashion , art and all forms of communication.
The desire to enter actively into the world of fashion has taken following numerous trips around the world and , from the contact with different cultures and trends , was born the desire to experiment and to confront the existing market, with the belief that they can offer something new and be able to capture attention.
BFLAK , triple reading by name means just that : “to be the opposition ,” ” to be hostile ” against something or someone but it also means flame / fire, as represented by our logo and during the 2nd World War, the term was also FLAK used to indicate the anti-aircraft artillery , and weapons of ” reaction ” to counterattack.
BFLAK is a brand made ​​entirely in Italy , born in Milan but with international roots and wants to embrace an audience of young and old alike with a bold and unconventional spirit who do not like to submit to mass and , as the name of our first collection ” Kill Your idols ” , wants to break the mold , coming to tease even their childhood idols .
The T-shirt is white, 100% cotton malfilé , available in both Man and Woman and the grading is S – M – L – XL Men’s and S – M – L for Women




tshirt bflak black cat man230x230

tshirt bflak black kiss my skate woman230x230

tshirt bflak rockabilly man230x230

tshirt bflak rockabilly woman230x230

tshirt bflak suck man230x230

tshirt bflak terryskull man230x230

tshirt bflak trex woman230x230

tshirt gnam gnam woman230x230

tshirt punk bflak woman230x230

tshirt raptor man230x230

tshirt sugar skull man230x230

tshirt sugar skull woman230x230

on-line store, now

on-line store after many years we have been able to integrate into the website page of the store where you can purchase our products and our offers. We will try to improve our service to you and ask users to report any anomalies nel’acquistare online. We are proud of what has been achieved since it is the result of a passion for teconologia and for this research work, despite the difficulties’ that runs through Italy we invest in this sector. We hope that over time we can become a point of reference in this field.

Thanks to all of you who follow us

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vespa made in italy


vespa made ​​in Italy, a product that has made ​​in italy history, marked positive or negative many generations and now lives again a new youth ‘all over the world, becoming a meeting point as well as an aggregator of many people.
Vespa made in italy myth is renewed … but the story continues













ebay official site

eBay official site of the store …. we finally open on ebay by clicking on the link below into your page sareti addressed to the ebay store.
Each month you will find news’ and new arrivals, promotions, of all that concerns the streetwear world and not only ……
For more info contact me ……. your suggestions will always be useful for
improve our services …..

genovese store coming soon

genovese store coming soon out in november 2012



do you have a bike

Do you have a bike that you want to scrap, a pair of sneakers in canvas or leather that you no longer use …. can bring them into our store, we will evaluate them together and you will receive a voucher to spend on the bike or sneakers by 28-02 -2013 in the store and in our many activities ….. for more info please send us an email or come by the genovese store ….

new season store…in genovese store

New season store after a period of study are beginning a new concept store with the coming , with many new features and some confirmation ….. you curious to know what are they? wait a few more days ….. follow us on facebook, twitter or become a follower of our site

customize your sneakers

customize your sneakers is a new active service of the store Genovese, for all those who have a new or used sneakers would like to customize the store we finally realize your desire, bringing your own sketch, we evaluate it together, and within 48 hours you a shoe unique and personal. Handmade in calabria.
In this way we want to unleash the creativity of customers at a time of lack of ideas ….

Model in photo: tretorn t65 mid – color white – size 45
For more info contact us by email or in store …..

Vintage sneakers: New Balance 770 since 1986

Dear readers, today I came in the mail a magazine that I read with pleasure Sneakers magazine, as always very attentive to new trends and always with an eye for vintage. I was struck by an article in the vintage section, described a model of the mid-80 that was for me and my generation a must to wear with pleasure every time I speak of Newbalance 770.

By reading this article immediately struck at that time as materials research, the use of resistant vibram soles, soft leather, and durable fabrics were the order of the day, certainly today teconologia evolved but instead it was then globalized very innovative, unique. I remember well the ease of use, both in a social occasion than in jogging. I sincerely hope that today will reclaim Newbalance of these new concepts. Thank you for these sneakers vintage offering in its magazine.


Enable app on Android and QRCodes

About time …. eventually you can also download the app from the Android store. Click on the widget on your left where there is written android in a green rectangle. Sare directed to Play market, find Genovese Store and download the app.In addition we also have our qr code, that pointing your smartphone (requires a special app for reading) on the code, center it and you see by clicking directly on the mobile site.We hope that all these services can be useful for communicating our philosophy and mission that allows you to strongly differentiate from other competitors. With a constantly increasing your critical comments can afford to continue to improve services and products offered.

History of Genovese store

The company “Genovese” starts its activities in 1800 in Calabria at the hands of Mary Nicola Genovese in that Fiumefreddo Bruzio (cs). Starting with the merchandise and then slowly expanding over the years. The business had a number of products, boasting a record of innovative merchant time, sniffing the tastes of customers in advance of the customer that was expanding.
Activity began in the first steps his son Andrew. The activity increases as a means of transport, the quantity sold, and market expansion.
Around half of 1800 began specializing in quality fabrics and silk production.
By the time the company, in 1900, begins the planting activities in Sambiase a shop called “workshop” in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in which they were selling fabrics, drapes and yarns, contributing, in advance of others, the sale of products that for the time and Sambiase were unavailable, and fostered the development of local and South America.
He quickly became a benchmark for the industry.
Over the years, the customer begins to grow not only in Calabria but also in the rest of Italy (Campania, Lazio, Sicily, Lombardy, Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna).
The entrance to the activities of Vincenzo Genovese in 1920 brought further innovation,
In the first post war crisis of 29, rise of fascism and World War II, the company suffered no economic loss is not Genoese but that the companies providing mutual trust and recognize their seriousness and professionalism.
At that time the company’s role in fostering the development of local crafts has been increased.
In the meantime, is among the first, membership of the Chamber of Commerce catanzaro with the number 4231.
After the Second World War, and over the years, the company diversified its Genoese building activity producing excellent wines, appreciated even outside of Sambiase for the quality and flavor they had.
The business begins an inexorable expansion that brings more and more to have in-store products of excellent quality.
The rise in the company of Andrea Genovese around 1950 allows the outsourced excellent brands of clothing for the period, maintaining and strengthening the distinctive points of the company “research, quality and professionalism.” Just mention the Marzotto, IMEC, Spider, etc. the best Neapolitan tailoring.
In 70 years the company Genovese Lametino reaffirms the market and not only for its products.
Since 1999 the company took over Vincenzo Genovese, the sixth generation of traders, which has been responsible for reorganizing the shop moving from company to company streetwea classic, having the vision to anticipate the times, introducing skateboarding, hiphop, breakdance, writhing, snowboard , creating events and themed events, attracting the jealousy of other traders, quickly became a reference point of the street of the south
Introduced the concept of viral marketing, e-commerce, web usage in the world to spread their quality.
Today the shop lives by introducing a new style streetwear was reorganized, with products made by hand, certified, that reflect its history as well as adapting to the times in order to reflect the current needs of our philosophy and mission.
All this is supported by the web and new teconolgie to always give a service to customers.
The new challenge is fascinating but the passion will enable us to achieve the objectives set.

Vincent Genovese