…After skateboarding was snowboarding …..

The evolution of the store led to introduce snowboarding at Lamezia Terme and clothingthroughout the research of the highest quality branded Calabria. In addition, collaborationsare born with the ski areas of Calabria, a club and a highly qualified service center …..Today we continue the project but we have evolved to become …..
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HufSf morton sneakers

Dear friends is finally available in our store one of the coolest sneakers Morton HuFsf of emergingbrands in the world of San Francisco and urbanstreetwear. The features are lightness, comfort,unique and original style, very trendy color for the summer all guaranteed by HuFSf.
Features of the shoe:
Morton’s low-top – vulcanized rubber midsole withbumper heel logo – All canvas upper with leathertab on heel – Embroidered Circle H Logo on side -Woven logo tag on tongue – Insole Ortholite withcork tops – Cotton interior lining
Available sizes 8-9-10-11
Also available in our online store:



Tretorn…now in store

In 1891 Tretorn was founded by Henry Dunker in Helsingborg, Sweden, setting the stage for one of the most enduring success stories born from the late industrial revolution. Dunker’s devotion to both business and his “extended family” of employees is legendary. Well ahead of his time, he offered his work force free health care and instituted day-care and a kindergarten on-site. Not surprisingly, this foundation of good will and good work continues to bear impressive results.

Rich in heritage, Tretorn’s past is important to what the brand is today. From the early days as a tire maker to its glory days as the shoe of choice for avid tennis players, the past provides an authentic framework for everything that defines Tretorn. And it is with this foundation that Tretorn ensures its commitment to high quality rubber manufacturing for generations to come.

Now in store on-line: http://eshop.genovesestore.com


Go Japan! Go operation Backpack Japan

Manhattan Portage has teamed up with the Camp Zama Scouts in their

Earthquake response effort.

We produced 500 custom Go Japan! Backpacks that will be filled with comfort

items for children who have been displaced because of the massive earthquake

that rocked Japan earlier this year.

These bags will be given out to school children full of shampoo, underwear,

socks, toys, comic books, and origami cranes.





Great news for Lamezia Terme and Sambiase
HipHop whole movement of our city ……
ZACCKAZO ‘Battle of the Barcelona HONIRO.IT
But the most important thing was to win the first non-Roman,
proving that passion, desire, sacrifice always pay off in the end
A round of applause to Uncle turulla who participated and honored with
his presence at the contest.
Thanks Guys …..

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 Giulio Zacckazò Fagà