Quintin & co…new winter 2011-12

Hey friends,
new team by Quintin & Co. came into the store,

are 3 hats with different graphicsand a ù

dedicated Notorious black leather and red interior.

For more info contact us or come directly to the store.
Genovese store …… who has no history has no future
Http: //eshop.genovesestore.com



Legame di massa Crew….

“We did it! Pumped pussies and we opened our new blog superemozionante! And we are no longer in the skin!
Ok … now we return (in the skin).
The Bond Of Mass crew is happy to tell you all that now (you see the date because I do notknow and do not want to know!) Will hold you all our followers, following, and followedhounds (our dogz, yo! ) constantly updated on everything that you will be through this new blog!
Stay Tuned on i-Tunes, hi five, how high, revolution is in your mind! ”

by Cenipeppe Rejoke


HufSf morton sneakers

Dear friends is finally available in our store one of the coolest sneakers Morton HuFsf of emergingbrands in the world of San Francisco and urbanstreetwear. The features are lightness, comfort,unique and original style, very trendy color for the summer all guaranteed by HuFSf.
Features of the shoe:
Morton’s low-top – vulcanized rubber midsole withbumper heel logo – All canvas upper with leathertab on heel – Embroidered Circle H Logo on side -Woven logo tag on tongue – Insole Ortholite withcork tops – Cotton interior lining
Available sizes 8-9-10-11
Also available in our online store:




Great news for Lamezia Terme and Sambiase
HipHop whole movement of our city ……
ZACCKAZO ‘Battle of the Barcelona HONIRO.IT
But the most important thing was to win the first non-Roman,
proving that passion, desire, sacrifice always pay off in the end
A round of applause to Uncle turulla who participated and honored with
his presence at the contest.
Thanks Guys …..

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 Giulio Zacckazò Fagà