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In 1942 a small workshop in Long Island gets the first exclusive license for the production of leather jackets for the U.S. Air Force and for decades provided the American aviation under the label “Avirex”. Spend more than thirty years before a young New York attorney and track down the small business and his partner, the Avirex detect and transform into a brand.

In short, the company resumed production of the famous Bomber worn during the Second World War, and the two, driven by their passion, they decide to bet on the success that these leaders could also collect on the civilian market. Continua a leggere Avirex made in Usa……in store now

Quintin & co…..news summer 2012..

The stagine is about to begin, & co-fifths of a brand on the rise presents the hats is cool in America. Beloved by bikers, skaters, surfers, but also by interested members of thestreetwear world.
Our store is always attentive to new trends in the field of metropolitan and urban streetwearbrand will be a point of reference for the upcoming season.
Photos are indicative but a lot of this chapter you can find them in our store after March 15,soon online in our eshop.
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Lele883………Handmade in calabria….

Una bella storia calabrese, la passione per l’artigianato e lavorazione del cuoio.

Eleonora Perugini,
30 anni, laureata in legge, avvocato di professione, artigiana per passione.
Terminati gli studi in giurisprudenza ha conseguito il diploma triennale presso l’accademia di Alta Moda Altieri (RM), specializzandosi come modista.
La passione è difatti la produzione artigianale di accessori, è per questo che, durante gli anni dell’Accademia, ha fatto pratica, come garzone di bottega, presso il Maestro Sellaio Federico Polidori che ha la propria attività in Via Piè di Marmo a Roma.
E’ grazie a lui che ha appreso le antiche tecniche di lavorazione del cuoio, ed è sempre grazie ai suoi insegnamenti che oggi è in grado di realizzare, interamente a mano, le borse e i gioielli in cuoio e oro che desidera.
Racconta tutto questo perchè ha da sempre il desiderio di raggiungere il suo obbiettivo più ambizioso.
Lavora con successo presso lo studio legale di famiglia, ma in realtà il suo sogno è  quello di poter dedicare la sua giornata all’ideazione ed alla realizzazione di oggetti unici.

Produzione e realizzazione fatte a mano in calabria…


A beautiful story of Calabria, a passion for handicrafts and leather work.

Eleonora Perugini,
30 years, graduated in law, a lawyer by profession, passion for craftsmanship.
After completing his legal studies he graduated three years at the Academy of High Fashion Altieri (MRI), specializing as a milliner.
Passion is in fact the production of handmade accessories, that’s why, during the years of the Academy, has been practicing as apprentice at the Master Sellaio Federico Polidori has his work in Footer Marble Street in Rome.
And ‘thanks to him that he learned the ancient techniques of leather working, and it is always because of its teachings is now able to produce, entirely by hand in leather bags and jewels and gold they want.
He tells all this because he has always been the desire to achieve its most ambitious goal.
Successfully working at the law firm of the family, but in reality his dream is to be able to devote his day to the conception and creation of unique objects.

Production and manufacturing handmade in Calabria …

for info contact : lele883@hotmail.it