Cinelli Hoy Hoy Urban Trekking Bike

Cinelli Hoy Hoy Urban Trekking Bike

Una classico dellUrban Trekking Bike: Stop and Go, Plug and Play! Una bici pensata per vivere sportivamente la città grazie alla dotazione del nuovo scattante ed affidabile gruppo Shimano ACERA a 27 velocità. • Telaio in allumino 6061: peso contenuto ed estrema reattività. • Comfort e sicurezza sono garantiti grazie all’uso di pneumatici maggiorati 700x35mm e di nuovissimi freni a disco da 160mm. • Infine, parafanghi dedicati e speciali decals riflettenti: praticità e visibilità! Ottima in città, sul macadam ed anche sul bagnato.

kjøre project

kjøre Project, Over fifty years has passed since our founding and our commitment to producing only the highest grade footwear, now a little group of this designers team and craftspeople as well as skilled laborers has founded kjøre project , creating a new line of accessories, characterized with the Nordic style, using only rough and strongest leather, but incredibly soft.
As a Scandinavian brand of a Norwegian name with of supreme Italian raw materials, this continental element is one that touches every aspect of the company with purpose. With a narrow focus, constant learning, agile processes and creative thinking, we can continually improve the solutions and insights we share.
At kjøre project , we strive to create modern products that respect the past. All the styles in the Heritage collection are designed and built just as they were fifty, sixty and even over eighty years ago and are all made using premium leather, totally handcrafted to the specifications which made each style timeless when they were first introduced. In the end, all of these elements combine beautifully to evoke a charming elegance that is distinctly kjøre project ‘s own. Our tanning process was first developed in ancient times, the best of these stiff, are set aside for our use and each batch and color reacts differently.
This is a slow process dependent on the skill and artistry of passionate and committed tanners. It is the careful attention of dedicated tanners and their refusal to compromise on materials and the time necessary to achieve the desired result that differentiates our tanned leather from all other leathers.
Instead of peeling and cracking our leather develops its own patina, changing gradually in appearance and taking on the character of its user over time.
The scars, scratches, veins and wrinkles that give each piece in our collection its unique character have not been sanded down or buffed. We specifically chose not to cover minor imperfections with paint sealers or artificial finishes, using only clear dyes in a range of colors that enhance rather than conceal the beautiful character of our leather. We take careful note of how our materials look after 12, and 24 months of heavy use. Even now when people think that machines and technology can only make products, genuine leather still can only be worked by hand.
This is why genuine leather products made by highly skilled craftsmen are enjoyable to look at and provide a great deal of warmth.
People never get tired of possessing these fine items; our team of designers and craftspeople produced each kjøre project piece by hand, utilizing the same style of tools that have been used to create leather goods for years.
We blend classic techniques with modern mechanics to achieve the best possible treatment within each step of production, we embarked on a quest for perfection – perfection in design and perfection in craftsmanship.

onitsuka tiger mod. COLORADO 85

onitsuka tiger mod. COLORADO 85 by Onitska Tiger was designed with plushfort and style in mind. The upper features a fitting premium suede, mesh, and leather build for a fresh look and durability. This kick features the original silhouette from the 80’s, giving the Colorado Eighty-Five a great old-school look. Other features include fabric lining with a removable Sockliner, flex canals at the forefoot forfort and flexibility, and a rubber outsole.

my dear shopper

my dear shopper
as you can see in a year, we have made ​​improvements to the website , especially the page of the shop . Your contribution has been outstanding request you to send an email if you are having difficulty in making online shopping or if you want to improve something.
Today you can buy safely , following the steps that explain below:
– Register in website
– Click on Shop
– select the product and continue the procedure
– the product page we have included the measures available in the form of description of the product , at the time of payment by paypal or credit card or other form specifies the measure by adding a comment or send us an email
– Execute the payment and select the shipping.
– You will receive confirmation by email to purchase
– Last step you will be contacted by us to confirm the product and you’ll receive a courier with your purchase
– We would be grateful if you send us your suggestions to improve.
Good navigation .

Genovese store since 1830

on-line store, now

on-line store after many years we have been able to integrate into the website page of the store where you can purchase our products and our offers. We will try to improve our service to you and ask users to report any anomalies nel’acquistare online. We are proud of what has been achieved since it is the result of a passion for teconologia and for this research work, despite the difficulties’ that runs through Italy we invest in this sector. We hope that over time we can become a point of reference in this field.

Thanks to all of you who follow us

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new collection t shirt

new collection t shirt of unique prints and one measure for each model, available in store, the online shop of the store’s facebook and blog.
The aim is always to offer a new, original and mold metropolitan
that invokes the summer in the graphics and colors.
for more info please send us an email:

new e commerce website

new e commerce website our store has finally created a website entirely dedicated to e commerce, following is a brief description to understand its use.
On the home page you will find the page ecommerce, entered with a click and you are opening an image by clicking on the url pointing you in the e-commerce site directly.
To purchase you need only to register for the e commerce site and follow the procedures  of ecommerce shopping cart, if you encounter problems please contact me.
The purchase can be done through Paypal or postpaid (ricarincando paper), delivery time is 3/4 days, at the time of delivery will send to your email Etrack the shipment and the name of the courier.
Instead, if you want to follow news, new arrivals and other news from the world of streetwear / sports and so much more, you can only subscribe to the newsletter or to register to the website.
Again, if you experience any difficulty with regard to the operations above can contact the service ecommerce will over time improvements.
I hope that our services are to your liking

Genovese store

longboard skateboard madrid

The name longboard skateboard madrid has been an icon in the skateboarding industry ever since somebody decided to stick four wheels to a piece of wood. Jerry Madrid made the successful transition from surfing to skateboarding back before it became fashionable. Since then, Madrid Pro Designs has developed into one of the top leading deck manufacturers in the world.

Jerry Madrid started out shaping surfboards in his parents’ garage in Norwalk California. Skateboarding is an offshoot of surfing, so when the waves weren’t good, Jerry enjoyed riding the streets instead of the water. With his passion for shaping boards, it is no surprise that his shaping surfboards turned into shaping skateboards. Jerry Madrid started making skateboards out of fiberglass in the late 1960’s. He developed different types of laminations, shapes, and dimensions.

Madrid skateboards has since become Madrid Pro Designs, and has done nothing but achieve a well-respected and well-deserved name in the skateboard and surf industry. Madrid Pro Designs still uses our traditional recipe for making skateboards, with a few modern improvements here and there. Avalible now in store online.

timberland dunderdon

timberland dunderdon Swedish workwear brand Dunderdon teams up with Timberland for this special! Based in a classic Chukka style with sueded upper, sitting on a Vibram sole that is Goodyear welted together in that vintage leather construction. Can be this falls best footwear! Imagine these with a par of fine denims..


Quintin & co Summer 2012 collection – presto in store

Cari amici presto la nuova collezione di quinti sarà disponibile in store, in anteprima i modelli che troverete, per maggiori info contattateci o passate in store.

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the 2nd talk redwingshoes

the 2nd talk redwing shoes la rivista di moda giapponese the2nd ha realizzato un intero numero parlando del fenomeno redwing shoes,

siamo felici di potere far parte di questa famiglia che ha una importanza mondiale.

La collezione estiva sarà disponibile presto in store.


Baracuta G9….icon brand..

Baracuta is a British menswear brand, created in 1937 in Manchester, by brothers John and Isaac Miller. The brand is known for the “G9 Harrington Jacket”, banda short jacket with elastic sides, reached international success in the ’60s, becoming a symbol of modern British elegance. In 1938 he was introduced woven “tartan” for the linings of jackets. The classic “G9” is worn by Hollywood celebrities like Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, David Bowie and Frank Sinatra, making it a must-have for those years.

It is commonly said that “By wearing a Baracuta is never wrong.” On the screen arrived for the first time in 1955 in the movie james dean “wasted youth”, helping to create a style icon, and then came the rocker rockablly becoming an icon of British style 60-70 years.

Today the best-selling Baracuta is always the same pattern on nat G9 in 1937, by the classical model that achieved with the collaboration with famous brands.

Today it is still the favorite to famous artists such as Damon Albarn, Liam Gallagher, Daniel Craig.


Our corporate mission….

Sure helps to be rich, but not enough to be free,
not serve the billions,
is instead something far more rare:
It serves independent thinking, free thought

Need a free mind and serves people who are not ‘slave
seem to think the neighbor
serve people who live above the common thought,
that condemns any act that has already been fully approved.

These men, who are few, they think regardless of the petty

rules dictated by sad people who live without courage. Continua a leggere Our corporate mission….

Redwing Boot and different Style.

Every person who has a foot boot you have a different lifestyle, a personality and habits.
The equation does not always boot = Youth has its effects, because as history shows, the boot was born to work and today it is worn by those who love apart from others seeking leaders who best reflect their personality / stile….the return to personal style, a concept that we are introducing as a store for some time ……

Working in Progress….for you…

Dear friends
We are working on a new blog more dynamic and efficient, better able to respond to your needs, new trends of the metropolis, new styles, looking for a new tradition that continues.
We apologize if the items are reduced during this period … but if we are improving services …..

Riders magazine and RedWingShoes

Editorial riders appeared on the month of February, a trip made in america. There is also talkof Redwing shoes …..

This boot is a old-new style, a historyc moctoe…….

available now in store…..for info contact me or send email..



News for Summer 2012….Olibertè shoes

This brand was founded with the aim to raise awareness of the healthy part of Africa, made up of people who work, live and produce Serana.
Each product is made entirely in Olibertè African territory, creating job opportunities in an area abandoned and corrupt. In Africa, the middle class is increasing in size and a Oliberté objectives is to support the growing middle class with the construction of a class worldwide brand of shoes that can create thousands of jobs and also encourages producers in other sectors work in Africa. Oliberté currently operates in Ethiopia, Liberia and Kenya with the goal of expanding in Cameroon, Congo, Uganda and Zambia in the years to come.
All the shoes are made with the characteristics set out below:

Cracks natural: natural rubber crepe soles are versatile and have been used for centuries by the natives in cold countries like Canada and Russia, and soldiers who work in hot desert climates.

Handpicked leather: We hand select each piece of leather used in our shoes and our team of quality within each factory to ensure quality standards are met Oliberté.

Goat Lining: Our shoes are lined with 100% goat skin that allows the foot to breathe naturally, as well as stretch and form to your foot perfectly.

Backup Reverse: The skin on the heel of each shoe is reversed, ensuring your feet do not slip and provides increased comfort.

Personal touch: Although our factory partners to use advanced machinery, some details, such as special stitching are sewn by hand or hand.

Stitch: Using a variety of points, we have over 1,000 points for an average shoe. This provides additional reinforcement and enables our shoes to rely less on the glue and more on craftsmanship.

We as a store close to the novelty of the moment and the market could not remain indifferent to this emerging and innovative brand.

The collection will be present in summer 2012.