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Stronghold….the old jeans…..

Across the ocean, and Michael Cassel Michael Paradise must have thought the same way when they decided to relaunch the Stronghold jeans, work clothes company active in Los Angeles between 1895 and World War II. “While we did an inspection at the factory, we found jeans products in the middle of last century. It was a revelation: those jeans were true icons. We have researched and we decided that we would not have deviated from that repertoire of techniques. Today we restored the equipment and manage the entire production cycle, producing limited editions or unique pieces to order. ” For owners, both from the world of fashion design, is to apply the codes of haute couture to denim. “The customer chooses his pants completely. We provide the information in terms of line and the historical reference period. So, for example, decides to apply the buttons to insert a pair of braces, we do it, but only if the rest of the jeans is consistent with the style of that time the Great Depression. ” From their studio in Venice, the two creatives are beginning to notice a certain change in the perception of luxury. “The limited editions are now everywhere. We want to provide something more, including the knowledge of wearing a sign of history.”From New York Tatar nods, thinking about how many other industrial complexes may hide treasures-a-porter.


 [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilXv2HtT5Pw&w=320&h=240]

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