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Skateboarding is the best traditional or innovative?

I was curious about an article in THE month of the sun 24 hours, but spoke of an electric skateboard originated in California. This new skate has 2 buttons for an accelerator and the other for the brake, also has an electric battery. It’s called Zboard. But many purists have turned their noses pointing out that skateboarding is not the magic that has given rise to become a must for many generations. According to these purists will lose many distinctive features such as the technique, the evolution, the sense of freedom. The thrill of making a jump (trick) and be immortalized for this if it goes well or if you ruin the floor. For all stays that board with 4 wheels that has characterized many generations from 60 years onwards, creating a subculture that hardly could be repeated today.

The question remains whether it is preferable to the traditional piece of wood with 4 wheels, or the evolution with the battery.

Genovese | 1830

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