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Puma basket low contact

The discovery of these contact, a low-top basket model by puma dating back to the seventies, gives us the occasion to tell you story. Our sneakers are nothing but a sort of small madeleiness after all, with their power to recall other times, other people, other stories to our minds. Most of the time the narratives are about sport, and this is a case in point. Luigi Brambilla, a man bearing one of the most typical of lombard names, was a great the Pallacanestro Milano shirt from 1977 to 1980. Yes, you got it right: we aren’t talking abot the olympia, but the “other team” from milan, the main character in our story, and a team that was led for many years by the great left-handed charles lee jura, nicknamed ” chuck”, Really another epoch, when the motto was “lotta jura senza paura” (fight jura, don’t be scared). When basket matches used tto beigin on sunday afternoon, at palalido, so that many fans could follow their basketball team right after attending a soccer match at sansiro stadium. To the fans of pallacanestro Milano the championship remained a dream, but for some years the team dominated the cousins of the olimpia. There are many people in milan who can remember those years.

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