Maradona x Copa Number 10 Socks Box


taglia Unica (40/46)

85% Cotone

12% Nylon

3% Lycra

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Panini x Copa Rovesciata Socks Box Set

Every football fan knows the nostalgic feeling that PANINI stickers evoke. The sense of surprise in opening each pack and the hope to find your favourite player or the only missing sticker to complete your collection. The tradition, the passion shared between fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. Meeting with friends to swap. The search for that final shiny sticker!

For generations, football-lovers have been collecting the famous sticker albums. PANINI is not just a nostalgic feeling and heritage. It is about genuine and pure passion for football. For those reasons, COPA teamed up with PANINI to manufacture and distribute a range of special PANINI x COPA products

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