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Our corporate mission….

Sure helps to be rich, but not enough to be free,
not serve the billions,
is instead something far more rare:
It serves independent thinking, free thought

Need a free mind and serves people who are not ‘slave
seem to think the neighbor
serve people who live above the common thought,
that condemns any act that has already been fully approved.

These men, who are few, they think regardless of the petty

rules dictated by sad people who live without courage.

These men choose their own brand for the passion they have,
goods are not mass produced .. not to annoy the envious.

These products are forever.
Made to last, with the intelligence and culture that comes from afar, not to impress others.

Free people are those who think about the future as a quality time.
But need to be independent, something more
need to be free ……

This is our thinking …… more than 150 years …..


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Genovese | 1830

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