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News for Summer 2012….Olibertè shoes

This brand was founded with the aim to raise awareness of the healthy part of Africa, made up of people who work, live and produce Serana.
Each product is made entirely in Olibertè African territory, creating job opportunities in an area abandoned and corrupt. In Africa, the middle class is increasing in size and a Oliberté objectives is to support the growing middle class with the construction of a class worldwide brand of shoes that can create thousands of jobs and also encourages producers in other sectors work in Africa. Oliberté currently operates in Ethiopia, Liberia and Kenya with the goal of expanding in Cameroon, Congo, Uganda and Zambia in the years to come.
All the shoes are made with the characteristics set out below:

Cracks natural: natural rubber crepe soles are versatile and have been used for centuries by the natives in cold countries like Canada and Russia, and soldiers who work in hot desert climates.

Handpicked leather: We hand select each piece of leather used in our shoes and our team of quality within each factory to ensure quality standards are met Oliberté.

Goat Lining: Our shoes are lined with 100% goat skin that allows the foot to breathe naturally, as well as stretch and form to your foot perfectly.

Backup Reverse: The skin on the heel of each shoe is reversed, ensuring your feet do not slip and provides increased comfort.

Personal touch: Although our factory partners to use advanced machinery, some details, such as special stitching are sewn by hand or hand.

Stitch: Using a variety of points, we have over 1,000 points for an average shoe. This provides additional reinforcement and enables our shoes to rely less on the glue and more on craftsmanship.

We as a store close to the novelty of the moment and the market could not remain indifferent to this emerging and innovative brand.

The collection will be present in summer 2012.

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