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napapijri new collection ss 2013

napapijri new collection available now in GenoveseStore since 1830 and on-line store

It was the early nineties when in Aosta began the story , a name that indicates the Arctic Circle in Finnish
Arctic. From the desire to combine the importance of technical work with a strongly innovative born the adventure of Green Sport Monte
White spa. The family business began with the production of backpacks and bags designer Napapijri designed to meet the needs of business travelers.
The experimental vocation then leads in a natural way in a series of proposals
clothing, area in which you summarize all the skills techniques but always with a meaning for a brand new style brands
or purely sporting. The appearance chromatically more discreet and fit more similea that town thus allowing the brand to build, with the passing of the seasons, a true product range that leaves
definitely the bright colors, the undisputed protagonists until then of landscapes of high altitude, in favor of a totally avant-garde, which will dictate the law in imposing unnuovo trend.
Napapijri records so by imposing an immediate success even in segments more “urban” its a sign of recognition, the Norwegian flag. For the first time a
tradition linked exclusively to the scope technical / sporting arrives in the city streets, with a path contrary to those in the time they took from clothing “active” the inspiration for casual lines that already exist.
In parallel to the study of new solutions for image, Napapijri has focused however and always on innovation and research into agreements with other technologically advanced and expanding the number of productive activities controlled by the headquarters d’Aosta.
After the first annidel millennium, the need to consolidate the business, and equip a retedistributiva with a more international, Napapijri door to seek a more global placement. The solution comes in
May 2004 with the sale of the brand to the U.S. holding
VF Corporation, a leader in the segment sportsweare protagonist of the market with labels ranging from jeans to accessories all’underwear.
The new managerial reorganization and a change of venue,
since September 2005, nelquartier general VF International in Lugano, Napapijri make a global project that looks at all the international markets with a broader vocation: that of locking himself in a world of proposals that are already considered to be a recognizable lifestyle. The collection is available from Napapijri to GenoveseStore always attentive to the news that the market offers while keeping intact their tradition.

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