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momotaro jeans

momotaro jeans   premium is not a  brand of ancient japan but it is very much appreciated by lovers of jeans in the world. The story begins in 1992 when two entrepreneurs Suwaki and Manabe denim wanted to join and make a brand that can last over time, was born Collect Co. Iniazialmente taking the canvases then producing them directly from the factory even though the price was high, the product was very much appreciated.
In time there arose Rampuya to produce jeans of high quality. By the time the two companies and grow the brand Momotaro was born, then the structure will organize in Japan Blue Group to meet the needs of modern times and the line was founded in 2010 Japan Blue jeans

The version of rejuvenating the story of momotaro jeans was created to express the dreams and the vitality of the small island. This was a folk tale not only for children. Momotaro Jeans is also a story of dreamers who were standing fast with their dream of spreading innovative jeans from Okayama in the world.


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