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Manhattan portege….soon in store

There was a simple idea that Manhattan Portage set itself in 1983, “A bag for all”. After25 years from Montreal to Melbourne, Osaka to Oslo and Stockholm to San Francisco,
Manhattan Portage’s line is really everywhereDespite their global popularity,
Manhattan Portage remains loyal to their NYC roots.
Innovating and expanding over time the lines to create a range that answers
thequestion of the many customers from all walks and runs of urban life.

Whether you’re a DJ you need to transport their equipment, a manager bring a cell phone, a student expensive textbooks or bicycle to deliver documents on time,

Manhattan Portage has a style for everyone.

Although Manhattan Portage has received press book reviews

from New York Times,People, Newsweek, and The Village Voice, but success is not linked to lora advertisingmedia but with the versatility,

durability and adaptability that has allowed it to survivefrom fashion.

Loans are available in our store bags original newyorkcity Manhattan portege 1983

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