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Made to last … Redwing shoes

Redwing Shoes in 1905 the company was founded in 1905 by merchant Charles Beckman, in the firm belief that every worker had to wear shoes well made and, above all, strength. And ‘one of the century-old factories that have made the American Midwest, just like the nearby Harley-Davidson Motor Company (1903, milwaukee). Watching a pair of Redwing it seems that little has changed since then: do them because the Americans are always equal, and not only them, so they want them. The cycle is one hundred percent made in usa. The leather comes from the farms of Nebraska, to be worked in SB Foot Tanning co. A couple of miles away, the mother of Redwing factory uses to produce 25 thousand pairs of shoes per week, with a process that has over one hundred whole path manufactory and machine manuals. The difference, even in the price, is in 56 different parts that make up a shoe and durability of materials. The model remains the most popular 875, the six holes laced boots renamed the irisih setter for the orange color of the upper.Rider of a classic American version also high by ten holes, elected to iconic status through photos of steve mcqueen in the desert.
“Every man should own a pair of Redwing, because we can count and t’accompagnano for life. We prefer that people affections to their boots, rather than choose them pee fashion,” says Dan secure Dahl, Director of Lifestyle Redwing. This Canadian guy, who on the business card bearing the number of shoes 14c, 48 Italian, is researching the heritage line though, which recovers and develops models and traditional styles, from the shoes he wore the same Beckman ten years. “Take irish setters, is from 1950 that were the case, manufactured in the same manner and with the same materials. To us it is Well”. Among the novelties of the 2012 Heritage line shows the very lee Chelsea Boots and Chukka in ten variants, the Brogue ranger, and 875 black, always with the unmistakable white sole. In any shape and color, however, the red wing as a classic rock sound. If they had a motorcycle? “Would like my old Triumph t100 waiting for me in the garage of the house every weekend,” responds safe dahl, “easier to drive, which belongs to history. He has a unique style and cares of the passing time.”

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