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Copa Football

COPAwas founded in 1998 by a football addict who launched the company’s first collection of carefully curated, traditionally produced cotton football shirts. The COPA collection has continued to expand in the two decades since and our international outlook means that football fans from every corner of the globe are catered for.

COPA offers an assortment of product lines featuring retro shirts, jackets and tracksuit trousers; football-inspired and design-led T-shirts and sweaters, baby shirts, general football apparel and balls. Since our inception we’ve been committed to traditional ‘Made in Europe’ craftsmanship to ensure the very highest quality standards. Our process is driven by sustainability and a commitment that our workers are rewarded for their dedication with fair pay and good working conditions.

From our earliest days we have favoured traditional ‘Made in Europe’ craftsmanship to ensure the very best possible product quality. Our company ethos is geared towards a strong commitment to sustainability in our manufacturing process and ensuring that workers in our supply chain are paid and treated fairly.

In our webshop you can find information about the country of origin and the materials used in the production process for every Copaitem.

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