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Concepts x New balance 999 "the Kennedy"

Here’s the second collab between New Balance and one of the most renowned sneakers shop in Massachussetts, called Concepts, and located in Cambridge, a eastern suburd of great Boston Area. This time the projet revolves around a pair of 999 with a maritime inspiration (and yes, this may well baffle you for the kick is still a running after all). They are inspired more precisely to this north-eastern state’s nautical tradition: the version nicknamed “Kennedys” has a tongue displaying the pennants used to communicate during navigation, and the colors are clearly reminiscent of the light buoy helping the sailor to enter harbor. Can you imagine the outcome? A Sneaker of great elegance and understatement, comprised of an excellent mix of fabrics: precious suede, a mesh and nylon ripstop. A very limited edition. (by sneakers magazine May/june 2011)

Genovese store: http://eshop.genovesestore.com

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