Oakley Inc.: dalle piste della California ad azienda leader nel settore


Oakley Inc., situata a Foothill Ranch (in California), produce occhiali da sole, visiere sportive, occhiali da sci/snowboard, orologi, abbigliamento, zaini, scarpe, montature e altri accessori. La maggior parte degli articoli sono progettati in casa presso la loro sede, ma alcuni paesi detengono disegni esclusivi rilevanti per il loro mercato. Oakley attualmente detiene oltre 600 brevetti per occhiali, materiali e attrezzi performance.

Oakley fu fondata da James Jannard nel 1975 nel suo garage con un investimento iniziale di $ 300. Il nome “Oakley” è venuto dal cane di Jannard, un Setter Inglese. Jannard ha iniziato vendendo quello che lui chiamava ‘The Oakley Grip’ dal retro della sua auto alle gare di motocross. Le sue manopole da moto erano differenti dalle altre disponibili al momento, poiché utilizzavano un materiale brevettato noto come ‘Unobtanium’, una creazione di Jannard. Il materiale viene ancora usato per fare gli earsocks sugli occhiali Oakley e i naselli. Oakley ha continuato a produrre guanti, manopole, gomitiere e occhiali per la BMX.

I primi occhiali da sole Oakley furono i Factory Pilot Eyeshades. Successivamente si aggiunsero gli Oakley Frogskin, uno stile di occhiali da sole casual, che al momento sono gli occhiali del brand più venduti ed apprezzati.

Oakley ad oggi è uno dei Brand più apprezzati e diffusi al mondo, lo si può definire un colosso a livello mondiale  di vendita di occhiali da sole in tutto il globo.

Gli occhiali da sole Oakley sono anche usati da alcuni dai maggiori personaggi sportivi del momento tra cui Valentino Rossi e Marc Marquez per citare la Moto GP e Fernando Alonso e Sebastian Vettel invece per citare la Formula 1, infatti la Oakley ha lanciato varie linee di occhiali ispirati a questi grandi personaggi e ai loro rispettivi sport.

jeans indossato ma consumato

jeans indossato ma consumato, il miglior modo per indossare perfettamente i jeans e di consumarli in modo naturale. Consumati danno sempre un tocco di originalita come la storia del jeans ci insegna poiche è nato per i lavoratori nel tempo si è evoluto a capo per la città fashion e non solo. Il nostro obiettivo è quello di avere brand con una tradizione secolare, con prodotti realizzati a mano, di qualita e con un buon prezzo.

genovese store coming soon

genovese store coming soon out in november 2012



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Genovese store

timberland dunderdon

timberland dunderdon Swedish workwear brand Dunderdon teams up with Timberland for this special! Based in a classic Chukka style with sueded upper, sitting on a Vibram sole that is Goodyear welted together in that vintage leather construction. Can be this falls best footwear! Imagine these with a par of fine denims..


new season store…in genovese store

New season store after a period of study are beginning a new concept store with the coming , with many new features and some confirmation ….. you curious to know what are they? wait a few more days ….. follow us on facebook, twitter or become a follower of our site

Quintin & co Summer 2012 collection – presto in store

Cari amici presto la nuova collezione di quinti sarà disponibile in store, in anteprima i modelli che troverete, per maggiori info contattateci o passate in store.

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red wing shoes gq

 red wing shoes gq di maggio in edicola, sfogliando le pagine ho trovato nel servizio dedicato alla moda, un modello indossava le redwingshoes moc toe oro-iginal o irish-setter. La mia reazione? felice perchè finalmente una rivista italiana teneva in considerazione questo brand antico,tradizionale, artigianale e moderno, lo potete acqusitare in store e anche on line….





Skateboarding is the best traditional or innovative?

I was curious about an article in THE month of the sun 24 hours, but spoke of an electric skateboard originated in California. This new skate has 2 buttons for an accelerator and the other for the brake, also has an electric battery. It’s called Zboard. But many purists have turned their noses pointing out that skateboarding is not the magic that has given rise to become a must for many generations. According to these purists will lose many distinctive features such as the technique, the evolution, the sense of freedom. The thrill of making a jump (trick) and be immortalized for this if it goes well or if you ruin the floor. For all stays that board with 4 wheels that has characterized many generations from 60 years onwards, creating a subculture that hardly could be repeated today.

The question remains whether it is preferable to the traditional piece of wood with 4 wheels, or the evolution with the battery.

Vintage sneakers: New Balance 770 since 1986

Dear readers, today I came in the mail a magazine that I read with pleasure Sneakers magazine, as always very attentive to new trends and always with an eye for vintage. I was struck by an article in the vintage section, described a model of the mid-80 that was for me and my generation a must to wear with pleasure every time I speak of Newbalance 770.

By reading this article immediately struck at that time as materials research, the use of resistant vibram soles, soft leather, and durable fabrics were the order of the day, certainly today teconologia evolved but instead it was then globalized very innovative, unique. I remember well the ease of use, both in a social occasion than in jogging. I sincerely hope that today will reclaim Newbalance of these new concepts. Thank you for these sneakers vintage offering in its magazine.


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Do it YourSelf

Why we love competition?

“…… The work that the creator puts in his work is largely invisible. ‘Buried beneath its surface. The imitator does not know why something has the right form, from that perception, is presented in that way. copying is not a fake will ever live up to the original. always create something that has already been overtaken by time. a mere imitation …. “(cited anonymous) ….


….. why try to be different from others ………

….Art & Motorcicle…..

Two apparently separate worlds, including but anyone who believes in a possible synthesis: the art and motorcycle. The idea, at all obvious, is an original 78-year-old Willie G.Davidson. “For me bilicindrico a harley is a pure artistic beauty,” he explains. “Drawing a motorcycle is like painting a picture: issues of color and proporzioni.La difference between one or the other? The painting is two dimensional, the three dimensional motion.” Willie G.è responsible for the design of the famous American-made home. And the Harley riders are his disciples, especially those who enrich their bikes with special pieces that express your personality. This custom is called, and those looking for inspiration, The Wynwood Art District of Miami, in Florida, is a step irrinciabile. Here among former anonymous industrial buildings brought to life by the imagination of young artists who have covered the surfaces with colorful murals, david the Batard has exposed a series of works, including some motorcycle tanks painted over with figures inspired by the comics universe . It ‘a precise stylistic trait that lebo explains: “Every house, every wall decorated Wynwood are the expression of a single artist, like a tattoo, a distinctive mark.”

The same philosophy that the custom Harley-Davidson once again in his models.

Chinos or Khaki Pant?

Khaki pants or Chinos are a major contribution of the Anglo-Saxon style. British soldiers were the first in India to call Khaki (color powder) when they decided to dye the white uniforms with coffee, camouflage to make them. The Americans instead called Chinos (Chinese in Continua a leggere Chinos or Khaki Pant?

Redwing Boot and different Style.

Every person who has a foot boot you have a different lifestyle, a personality and habits.
The equation does not always boot = Youth has its effects, because as history shows, the boot was born to work and today it is worn by those who love apart from others seeking leaders who best reflect their personality / stile….the return to personal style, a concept that we are introducing as a store for some time ……

Avirex made in Usa……in store now

In 1942 a small workshop in Long Island gets the first exclusive license for the production of leather jackets for the U.S. Air Force and for decades provided the American aviation under the label “Avirex”. Spend more than thirty years before a young New York attorney and track down the small business and his partner, the Avirex detect and transform into a brand.

In short, the company resumed production of the famous Bomber worn during the Second World War, and the two, driven by their passion, they decide to bet on the success that these leaders could also collect on the civilian market. Continua a leggere Avirex made in Usa……in store now