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Carhartt vs. Genovese, the reasons for the separation of commercial

Dear friends after some years finally the true story of carhartt and the real reasons that led to the separation.We start giving a brief description of the protagonists of the story:

 slamjam-Italian distributor (will never be mentioned and you’ll understand why reading)

 Julius Ganzaroli (Accounting until about 2006)

 Cesare Fragnielli (resp agents and agent for calabria until 2005)

 Cesar Nava (Sub Agent from 2004 to 2005 and from September 2005 Agent calabria)

 other shops sprang up in 2004-06

 The period is 2005-2006, and documented facts presented in the proceedings, provided that the development of some aspect of the same cause slamjam was never informed before, during and after by those directly involved.First things first, our shop has a tradition that dates back over 150 years, is based on professionalism, training and research of innovative products. In 1999 it changed from the traditional through to street, the first case in all Calabria, I adopt innovative marketing strategies, ebay ecommerce-web-mailing-list-etc, guerilla marketing and viral marketing. In 2-year study of Italian and European market of individual brand popular in Europe but not in Italy, Calabria, and anticipating better times I contact to distribute them in my shop. In 2001 we begin the relationship with their agent and slamjam fragnielli Caesar, worked in the studio with Gianfrate (Franklin & Marshall), they are separated for reasons still obscure, but we continue relationships with both. Cesar Julio fragnielle was supported by the accounting Ganzaroli in each operation or choice, Nava did not know the existence of this market, having a very limited market and a consocenza sector still much limited. In the meantime we grow and grow with great satisfaction carhartt also drawing us a mutual envy of the local shopkeepers, did not understand how a hole of 60 square meters attract many people from all over the south. But this is not the problem, certainly over the years we have been very important brand the likes of Stussy, zooyork, evisu, Visvim, bape, carhartt uses original, paulfrank, etc. .. to Lamezia terme Sambiase, combined with a city part of the cittadinza lamezia coming to Sambiase and indirectly also know this cross-section of the historic city, I would say with envy of our competitors doubles. The first contacts with nava are due to the brand new balance in 2003 but never vouto work or establish relationships with those who distributed the same product in many stores and also do not consider it culturally appropriate to the market street, still confirm this concept. Meanwhile, in 2003-04 it has the proper growth in terms of brands, accessories, and not only local customers, payments are in order, fundamental aspects such as to enhance our professionalism. Certainly since 2000 we have contributed to the development of sport which until then were unknown, since sufficient to snow, skate, introduced products skinboard, mountain board, etc like no other store in the area was capable of. Do not forget the educational aspect / social, do not say names, but certainly some guys who worked with us have appreciated the way rapportarmii with them differently from others, for me it is essential to employee satisfaction at 360 degrees does not exploit it to their own advantage. Relations with suppliers was marked on the maximum . But then the arrival in 2004 is that the Ganzaroli fragnielli have had problems with his company the slamjam, what happened has never come to light, these things we have directly affected and with their two more for the concept of transparency giving confidence ensure that the misconception, in which we found, would be resolved. With each passing day that the language adopted in the mine and to give to my family was not very polite, said my work as a sand castle (Caesar), phone threats (Ganzaroli), I omit other comments, but when running the other stores have undergone a similar situation in that period? They both fell to Lamezia in person and with a solution with my parents and the late great our accountant (documents are stored) to tight deadlines were closing misunderstanding and returned to work but it was not so, indeed you are allowed to return to shoe company to declare the opposite, and added to the agreement signed with the present …. addosato have a lot of responsibility on me stating that the company was in irreversible conditions in the economy … after that the fragnielli Ganzaroli and after that came screws are no longer made .. I decide to go for legal action … to my every request for a meeting or rifiuati have always found excuses or downloading of other responsibilities (fragnielli) …. the situation created prompted other agents to go elsewhere. COMING IN 2008 THAT STATES THAT THE JUDGMENT OF ACTION SLAMJAM “FOUNDED AND MUST BE REJECTED FOR LACK OF NEGATIVE SITUATIONS OF BUDGET” ….  …In this chaos generated by them took advantage of the Nava who instead of protecting myself in a free way to transfer my business immediately and without notice to the other Lametini, favoring them in terms of image since the great work done by me avvantaggiarà others. also say that … they are not commercially serious was the light of events of 2008 a fall of Stiel. Have canceled, again without notice motivated the work done from 2000 to 2005 and at the same time without warning it has reached an agreement with someone else bears witness to a very professional ethics. For my part because I was ready since September 2004 subtly told me i was holding onto the rope, when he still was in our carhartt store, saying he had pressure from other local merchants to get my brand. Punctually at the first opportunity had occurred, as above dichiarato.Un example: At the presentation in full operation in 2006 relations with carhartt at a party held in Reggio to celebrate his store was not invited, has led to a shopkeeper in Lamezia, deleting final 6 years of hard work and growth of the brand and carhartt streetwear …. the thing speaks for itself …… in the end found himself holding a product launched by the undersigned, with a clientele that I calabria … made up of all of you every judgment. Dear friends this is the true story of events of 2005, will not answer because by law in 2008 and nave, and fragnielli Ganzaroli but their lawyer had a blow that should only be ashamed to continue working, but the facts are the response to what they said and did. Now he begins a new path with the experience and mentality that sets us apart for over a century, will do anything to simplify access envy ….. always …. but do not make me miss that crazy passion for streetwear.


Genovese | 1830

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