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….Art & Motorcicle…..

Two apparently separate worlds, including but anyone who believes in a possible synthesis: the art and motorcycle. The idea, at all obvious, is an original 78-year-old Willie G.Davidson. “For me bilicindrico a harley is a pure artistic beauty,” he explains. “Drawing a motorcycle is like painting a picture: issues of color and proporzioni.La difference between one or the other? The painting is two dimensional, the three dimensional motion.” Willie G.è responsible for the design of the famous American-made home. And the Harley riders are his disciples, especially those who enrich their bikes with special pieces that express your personality. This custom is called, and those looking for inspiration, The Wynwood Art District of Miami, in Florida, is a step irrinciabile. Here among former anonymous industrial buildings brought to life by the imagination of young artists who have covered the surfaces with colorful murals, david the Batard has exposed a series of works, including some motorcycle tanks painted over with figures inspired by the comics universe . It ‘a precise stylistic trait that lebo explains: “Every house, every wall decorated Wynwood are the expression of a single artist, like a tattoo, a distinctive mark.”

The same philosophy that the custom Harley-Davidson once again in his models.

Genovese | 1830

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