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are cinelli bikes made in Italy

are cinelli bikes made in Italy….1948, a good professional racer with 15 years of foot in the legs and the ball mechanics, decides to capitalize on the brilliant insights gained during the many miles of each type of road and ‘Cino Cinelli.
Someone remembers him as a rider but many remember him because it gives the modern cycling’s first aluminum handlebar, the first saddle with plastic, the first toe straps, the first quick release pedals. 1978 Cino handed the company over to a young industry leader in steel tubes, with the heart cycle: Antonio Colombo.
The company is transformed and the inventions of “design made in Cinelli” begin to see the world. Change the view of the bicycle. You start talking about the total project. Laser is born, the lugs are abandoned and introduces Tig into road frames. Among other things, is the only Italian bicycle to win a Golden Compass (1991) and more than 28 gold medals in Olympics and various World Championships.
With Rampichino (1985) Cinelli brought the bike in Italy, with Cork Ribbon (1987) Reinventing the ribbon, Spinaci extensions (1996) makes it run more than 800,000 cyclists around the world, Bootleg (2000) invented the concept of street cycling, Ram (2002) revolutionized the handlebar.
Today Cinelli is mentioned in the Dictionary of Italian Design (Rizzoli, 1999), in the ADI Design Index (2000-2001), and the Corriere della Sera is called a cult in the U.S. like Ferrari, Vespa and Fornasetti (January 9 1999). This is the mission of the Group which is better Cinelli declined in:
In bike we trust!
Ours is to improve the lives of others (cyclists), and even if the bicycle has already been invented, we lose heart, our history teaches us that nothing is impossible, just look beyond the present.We apply principles of design to our products but also to our company. Design is more “aesthetic.” Design means shape, first project, design, technology, technology, materials, innovation, creativity, function, quality, uniqueness, knowledge, emotion. We want every product to have an Idea, because if it is a copy, can not be Cinelli. The road to the mission, however, is long and not easy.
One has to learn the APC of the bicycle:


We have to get to know every detail, and not just because we’re used to racing.
We love them and appreciate their history. We head into the future, but our feet are firmly planted on the ground in 1943 when he won the San Remo Cino Cinelli.
In Cinelli we move with the times, we know who Duchamp and Kurt Cobain, we read Buzzati and Brera. We’re curious: art, music, design, and other sports. Berghaus for us is not a new medicine, and Mark Newson and Philip Stark are two calciatori.Le our roots are in Milan: in many ways an advantage. Seizing those aspects that have made this city a center of international culture is fundamental and helps us achieve our goal.
To achieve our purpose we use everything from new technologies, sophisticated materials, experienced technicians, strict testing, cutting-edge tools, but also exhibitions of art and design competitions. Because the bicycle is a constantly evolving, are an infinite project. Only new ideas and new ideas can help create the product which is the synthesis of (our) dreams and visions.





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