The Story

history of The company “Genovese” starts its activities in 1800 in Calabria at the hands of Mary Nicola Genovese in that Fiumefreddo Bruzio (cs). Starting with the merchandise and then slowly expanding over the years. The business had a number of products, boasting a record of innovative merchant time, sniffing the tastes of customers in advance of the customer that was expanding.Activity began in the first steps his son Andrew. The activity increases as a means of transport, the quantity sold, and market expansion.
Around half of 1800 began specializing in quality fabrics and silk production.
By the time the company, in 1900, begins the planting activities in Sambiase a shop called “workshop” in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in which they were selling fabrics, drapes and yarns, contributing, in advance of others, the sale of products that for the time and Sambiase were unavailable, and fostered the development of local and South America.

He quickly became a benchmark for the industry.
Over the years, the customer begins to grow not only in Calabria but also in the rest of Italy (Campania, Lazio, Sicily, Lombardy, Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna).
The entrance to the activities of Vincenzo Genovese in 1920 brought further innovation,
In the first post war crisis of 29, rise of fascism and World War II, the company suffered no economic loss is not Genoese but that the companies providing mutual trust and recognize their seriousness and professionalism.
At that time the company’s role in fostering the development of local crafts has been increased.
In the meantime, is among the first, membership of the Chamber of Commerce catanzaro with the number 4231.
After the Second World War, and over the years, the company diversified its Genoese building activity producing excellent wines, appreciated even outside of Sambiase for the quality and flavor they had.
The business begins an inexorable expansion that brings more and more to have in-store products of excellent quality.
The rise in the company of Andrea Genovese around 1950 allows the outsourced excellent brands of clothing for the period, maintaining and strengthening the distinctive points of the company “research, quality and professionalism.” Just mention the Marzotto, IMEC, Spider, etc. the best Neapolitan tailoring.

In 70 years the company Genovese Lametino reaffirms the market and not only for its products.
Since 1999 the company took over Vincenzo Genovese, the sixth generation of traders, which has been responsible for reorganizing the shop moving from company to company streetwea classic, having the vision to anticipate the times, introducing skateboarding, hiphop, breakdance, writhing, snowboard , creating events and themed events, attracting the jealousy of other traders, quickly became a reference point of the street of the south
Introduced the concept of viral marketing, e-commerce, web usage in the world to spread their quality.
Today the shop lives by introducing a new style streetwear was reorganized, with products made by hand, certified, that reflect its history as well as adapting to the times in order to reflect the current needs of our philosophy and mission.
All this is supported by the web and new teconolgie to always give a service to customers.
The new challenge is fascinating but the passion will enable us to achieve the objectives set.


Dicembre 2022



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