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Carhartt vs. Genovese, the reasons for the separation of commercial

Dear friends after some years finally the true story of carhartt and the real reasons that led to the separation.We start giving a brief description of the protagonists of the story:

 slamjam-Italian distributor (will never be mentioned and you’ll understand why reading)

 Julius Ganzaroli (Accounting until about 2006)

 Cesare Fragnielli (resp agents and agent for calabria until 2005)

 Cesar Nava (Sub Agent from 2004 to 2005 and from September 2005 Agent calabria)

 other shops sprang up in 2004-06

 The period is 2005-2006, and documented facts presented in the proceedings, provided that the development of some aspect of the same cause slamjam was never informed before, during and after by those directly involved.First things first, our shop has a tradition that dates back over 150 years, is based on professionalism, training and research of innovative products. In 1999 it changed from the traditional through to street, the first case in all Calabria, I adopt innovative marketing strategies, ebay ecommerce-web-mailing-list-etc, guerilla marketing and viral marketing. In 2-year study of Italian and European market of individual brand popular in Europe but not in Italy, Calabria, and anticipating better times I contact to distribute them in my shop. In 2001 we begin the relationship with their agent and slamjam fragnielli Caesar, Continua a leggere Carhartt vs. Genovese, the reasons for the separation of commercial

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Dehen knitting company portland oregon since 1920

Dehen knitting company portland oregon since 1920 for William Peter Dehen emigrated from his native Germany to the United States in 1903.  He brought with him an incredibly strong work ethic, a healthy respect for tradition, and a fearless, pioneering spirit. He was equal parts pround of his heritage and thankful to his adopted country that presented him with a whole new world of opportunities.In America, William and his brother Matthias had a reputation for being driven young entrepreneurs unafraid to take some risks,  William worked at Golden State Knitting in San Francisco, and on the side worked with his brother, running liquor from Canada to the United States.  While the side job was profitable, it soon landed the Dehen brothers on the worng side of the law, and each received a short jail sentence.  William got out first and graciously offfered to take care of his brother’s girlfriend, Celia, who unsurprisingly fell for William’s famous charm.  Soon they were planning a wedding.William moved his new bride north, to focus on opportunities of a more legal nature. After spending some time both in Port Angeles and Seattle, they eventually settled in Portland, Oregon. William found work as the night knitting manager at Jantzen Knitting Mills, and the family settled down in Portland’s Goose Hollow neighborhood.William never lost his entrepreneurial spirit or his appetite for risk, and after cobbling together his savings and a bit of borrowed money; he left Jantzen and formed Dehen Knitting Company in 1920.Business boomed.  The company outgrew its shop, and moved into a new facility in what was then the eastern edge of Portland at Southeast 86th and Stark Street (in present day Montavilla).  The company provided a steady income, and William and Celia were able to provide a great life for their three young children. Then the depression hit.The market crash meant that most of Dehen’s customers, who paid with credit, were unable to pay their bills. The bank foreclosed on the factory, but William was undeterred, paying a visit to his padlocked mill in the dead of night. When the bank officers visited the property the next day, they found that the knitting equipment had disappeared.If they visited the Dehen’s home, they might have noticed a hole in the kitchen floor, from which protruded the top of a particularly tall knitting machine. Operations never ceased; the knitting just happened in the basement of their home, and William peddled his sweaters door to door, sometimes taking food as payment.By 1936, business was back on track with orders for school sweaters and work apparel piling up.  A retail store was opened on 10th and Yamhill in downtown Portland, and the Dehen kids, led by their youngest sibling Bill, began to learn the trade from their father. Continua a leggere Dehen knitting company portland oregon since 1920

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are cinelli bikes made in Italy

are cinelli bikes made in Italy….1948, a good professional racer with 15 years of foot in the legs and the ball mechanics, decides to capitalize on the brilliant insights gained during the many miles of each type of road and ‘Cino Cinelli.
Someone remembers him as a rider but many remember him because it gives the modern cycling’s first aluminum handlebar, the first saddle with plastic, the first toe straps, the first quick release pedals. 1978 Cino handed the company over to a young industry leader in steel tubes, with the heart cycle: Antonio Colombo.
The company is transformed and the inventions of “design made in Cinelli” begin to see the world. Change the view of the bicycle. You start talking about the total project. Laser is born, the lugs are abandoned and introduces Tig into road frames. Among other things, is the only Italian bicycle to win a Golden Compass (1991) and more than 28 gold medals in Olympics and various World Championships.
With Rampichino (1985) Cinelli brought the bike in Italy, with Cork Ribbon (1987) Reinventing the ribbon, Spinaci extensions (1996) makes it run more than 800,000 cyclists around the world, Bootleg (2000) invented the concept of street cycling, Ram (2002) revolutionized the handlebar.
Today Cinelli is mentioned in the Dictionary of Italian Design (Rizzoli, 1999), in the ADI Design Index (2000-2001), and the Corriere della Sera is called a cult in the U.S. like Ferrari, Vespa and Fornasetti (January 9 1999). This is the mission of the Group which is better Cinelli declined in:
In bike we trust! Continua a leggere are cinelli bikes made in Italy

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Quintin & co Summer 2012 collection – presto in store

Cari amici presto la nuova collezione di quinti sarà disponibile in store, in anteprima i modelli che troverete, per maggiori info contattateci o passate in store.

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the 2nd talk redwingshoes

the 2nd talk redwing shoes la rivista di moda giapponese the2nd ha realizzato un intero numero parlando del fenomeno redwing shoes,

siamo felici di potere far parte di questa famiglia che ha una importanza mondiale.

La collezione estiva sarà disponibile presto in store.


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red wing shoes gq

 red wing shoes gq di maggio in edicola, sfogliando le pagine ho trovato nel servizio dedicato alla moda, un modello indossava le redwingshoes moc toe oro-iginal o irish-setter. La mia reazione? felice perchè finalmente una rivista italiana teneva in considerazione questo brand antico,tradizionale, artigianale e moderno, lo potete acqusitare in store e anche on line….