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Open Online Store on Facebook

Finally, we communicate to all our customers that is on our online store on the facebook page.

Another service for you customers, you will find the brand of the moment
World Urban and Streetwear.

To access it you only need to click “Like” on the facebook page: you will find a link 

on your left “shop now” by clicking on it will

take you to the page of the facebook store.

I hope that this additional service could be useful for any problem 

contact me, send me an email or skype.
the staff
Genovese store

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Quintin & co…new winter 2011-12

Hey friends,
new team by Quintin & Co. came into the store,

are 3 hats with different graphicsand a ù

dedicated Notorious black leather and red interior.

For more info contact us or come directly to the store.
Genovese store …… who has no history has no future
Http: //