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Redwind shoes

The Redwing shoes brand has a history of over 100 years, the poster is in vintage photoshistory bears testimony to this vocation. A product is still made ​​by hand, which is aimed ata clientele that is working town. Long lasting product, made ​​with durable leather altamentiselected.
In our store in Lamezia Terme Sambiase you can view the Fall / Winter 2011-2012 or buyfrom our online store at this link:

For more info please contact us.

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Red Wing shoes have come in the store







I finally arrived at the store and the historic calabria in lamezia terme sambiase Redwing shoes, four  models and five colors, from classic moc toe oxford the low version, the Chukka and thehistorical model used by the engineers of railways.

The model MO_TOE are known for their strength, vintage style, but always one shoe different from many other boot on the market. The model shop has 2 versions available in colors, brown and classic, high-style resume and 7-loop model of the historian’s work begins Seol, using original American skin both externally and internally in the sole, are also sewn by hand, which give greater strength durability and reliability.

When Red Shoe Company started production of the first shoes with ankle Chukka work, even poplazione drove the horses to go to work. Much has changed in recent years.Today, their boots are all over the world. For over 95 years, while production techniques based on four basic principles: Quality, Craftsmanship, durability and comfort.

A classic American model OXFORD, these work boots were originally created by Red Wing Shoes to meet the needs of workers who wanted a durable and flexible shoe.Each production is hand made by Red Wing in the United States using original leather and craftsmanship in creating effects are normally experienced, but at the same time a comfortable shoe. Nylon laces. Eyelets.Leather nickel coating. Padded insole. Rubber sole for traction. Original shoe Made in USA.

Red Wing Shoes Engineer ENGINEER, at first it was inspired by the footwear designed for engineers who worked on the trains. These boots had to be flexible, and be protective when dealing with a heavy work hard. His hand bellows makes it easy to use in the various movements per day, while its lightweight synthetic sole is durable as well.From the Heritage collection.

The models of Redwing described above are now available in stores and in our e-commerce site:







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When the passion wins ….

Dear friends,
I have attached an article out of the top sports, unfortunately the road work in these 10years I have met two people in a street known company that have slowed the growth of the store. It is true that in Italy there is the desire to do, if anything, there are people who do not want to do anything, I would like to take a look at what I said. My only desire at this time and bring out the truth that all may know our world streetwear realtmente the facts.
They are of southern Italy but no-nothing can be considered, but the passion for this workleads me to reach out and win this battle.

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Nigel Cabourn…very cool brand


Nigel Cabourn has worked in the fashion industry for over forty years, but his clothing has little in common with most people’s concept of the word fashion. He is influenced not by trends but a longstading passion for vintage clothing, fabric and details. Nigel has collected vintage clothing for over 30 years and has an archive of over 4000 pieces, including british military uniforms , workwear and a trove of exploration garments unearthed from all corners of the globe. Each collection has a real story, sense of history and integrity but at the highets level of quality.

Soon in stores

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Danger Mouse + Daniele Luppi = Rome

Brian Burton, known as Danger Mouse, and Daniele Luppi, Italian, known in Los Angelesrecording an album in 2004 in Rome, containing musical atmosphere of the greatsoundtracks of the past. Burton is part of the duo Gnarls Barkely. The disc can be definedtwo Romes 2011.Nel hard disc of the year there are two interesting collaborations JackWhite, a former white stripes, and Norah Jones, a beautiful voice and a wonderful Cazon.
You can actually say that and ‘the most beautiful album of the year.